Shapes of Faith® Cookie Gifts

About Shapes of Faith 

Shapes of Faith was created in 2011 for the purpose of providing unique cookie gifts through which the Gospel of Jesus Christ can be shared with others.

Several years ago I began making novelty hand-decorated cookies for parties and other special events.  Little did I know how God would take this unique interest and use it in a way I could have never imaged.  To His glory... Celia Smith
Shapes of Faith Story- In January 2011 I joined a small group gathered at Salem Baptist Church in McDonough, GA for a Sunday evening discipleship class on evangelism.  Leading our group was Salem's senior pastor, Rick Statham. Each week Pastor Rick challenged our group to think "outside of the box" for ways we could share the good news of Jesus with others.  He encouraged us to examine our talents and gifts and to allow God to work through those to open doors of opportunity. Knowing of my ability to make decorative cookies, Pastor Rick suggested a gift of these sweet treats would be a nice way to reach out, especially to those in need of cheer and encouragement.  

More than once during the early weeks of the class Pastor Rick mentioned my decorated cookies. As his words began to weigh on my heart, I prayerfully considered how the cookie gift might also include a message of Christ.  It was then I recalled a passing idea from a year earlier-- that the words of John 3:16 could be "spoken" through cookie shapes.  I immediately began working on the idea.  A week later I showed the completed project to my husband.  Encouraged by his response, I shared it with Pastor Rick.  As he looked at the red gift box filled with the six cookie shapes and read the card explaining the "message of the shapes," his joy was apparent.  He immediately began making plans for our church to use this unique gift.   
The following Sunday the gift box was presented in all three of our morning services. Pastor Rick told how our church would be starting a cookie ministry and that each week we would give a box of the cookies to our visitors.  Two special blessings occurred that day. One was a young lady who came forward to receive Christ after hearing the Gospel presented through the cookie shapes.  The second was that several people came forward to offer financial support for the new cookie ministry. It was a special day, and one I will always cherish.  

As others learned about the gift box, many expressed an interest in wanting one for a family member, friend, or their own church.  In early 2011, Shapes of Faith was created as a way the cookie gifts could be made available to others.  Soon realizing there was a need for a smaller gift--something which could be used to share the Gospel with more people--a single cookie gift was added.  Although I personally baked and decorated the cookies for several months, cookie making was eventually out-sourced to a commercial bakery, allowing me to hang up my apron and focus on other activities.  My prayer is that through these unique cookie gifts many will come to know Jesus as Lord and Savior and receive the greatest gift of all, the gift of eternal life.